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Anno Domino’s Pizza

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So I see from the commercials, Domino’s Pizza, the Pizza of last resort, wants to change the way people see their pizza in commercials.  Domino’s wants its customers to send in photos of their pizzas so Domino’s can use the photos in future commercials.

Is it just me, or is this idea really, really, stupid?  I’m glad this is what Domino’s decided to change about their pizza.  I guess they figure everything else is just ducky with their pie, so it’s time to move on to the way it’s photographed.  How lame.

And while we’re on the subject, does it creep out anyone else that this company apparently keeps tabs on people that have the audacity to say mean stuff about Domino’s pizza in focus groups?  Who the hell are these cats anyway, Big Brother? And then, to top it all off, now that Domino’s has changed its pizza to make taste slightly less crappy, they harass these poor souls to try their dreck again. Oi vey!

Domino’s take my advice: leave people alone and worry less about the way your pie is photographed and more about how it tastes.

Those brownie bite things are still pretty bad-ass though…


Written by B. Michael Krol

August 3, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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